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3/14/05 02:50 am - talas - Slow and Steady…

./episode-delete.php now has basic functionality (deletes 1 episode at a time by changing the status from 'created' to 'deleted').

Work continues on moving all of the configuration information from ./includes/config.inc.php into the database itself. The only configuration information that will remain in ./includes/config.inc.php is that which is needed to connect to the database, along with any overrides (none will be provided in the default distribution, but they will allow those users that are more comfortable editing text files to make changes that would normally have to be done in the database).

Any suggestions regarding ways to help spread the code and let the rest of you work on it would be greatly appreciated.

11/5/04 08:22 pm - talas - Database Changes

On a separate project I have found a very simple way to store configuration options in the database, instead of just in ./includes/config.inc.php, and I'm wondering if this should be put into phpStory before it is actually released.

In my opinion, this would make it easier to allow the administrator(s) of a site to change the options, especially if not all of them have FTP/SSH access to the server. It would be necessary to keep the ./includes/config.inc.php file only for the database login information. That file could also be used both to load the configuration from the database and for any overrides on the values stored in the database (if normal administrators should not be able to change certain options).

Comments? Suggestions?

10/4/04 08:52 pm - hellbenderrat - Brief update

Well I think it's about time I posted something here.

So what I've been working on lately... although very slowly... is an avatar page that will be accessable from the user control panel. The page should be able to list the avatars publically available for use, and let the user pick one. Also, I'll try to implement some kind of avatar upload feature.

University has kept me unproductive on some of the projects I do on the site, but hopefully this will be done by the end of the week.

Although I should add that I have been known to procastinate quite a lot :-)

10/3/04 11:51 pm - talas - episode-delete.php

Since the phpStory development group has decided that phpStory should allow for deleted episodes to be moved to a temporary storage place outside of the story itself, pending administrative decision regarding the deletion of said episodes, we need a name for said storage place.

Suggestions have included Trash, Dead Episode Storage, The Dumpster, and Land of the Lost. What other suggestions are there for the name?

9/21/04 03:07 am - talas - Episode Suggestions

It is now possible (in the current -test code) to add both new episodes, as well as suggestions for new episodes. In the current default style the links to suggestions show as italics, however, their display is fully style-able.

When a user follows a suggestion link, instead of displaying the episode along that branch the site will provide a form to create the episode along that story branch. Users cannot change the link text of these when creating the new episode from the suggestion, though it is currently possible to afterwards edit the new episode along with the link text.

9/15/04 12:22 am - talas - StoryCode

In the long tradition of stripping HTML from user-entered content that may still need some limited styling and/or formatting, phpStory will include StoryCode (inspired by all other forms of BB Code of course). Currently, support is being added to allow administrator-defined StoryCode to be parsed into HTML. Several defaults will be included, and that is the subject of this query.

Default StoryCode currently can show italics, bold text, and images. What other StoryCode should be included with phpStory when it is first launched? Are there any specific requests for alternatives to the classic tags enclosed in square-brackets?

9/10/04 02:04 pm - talas - episode-delete.php

As soon as time permits, I will complete a page for deletion of existing episodes. I do need some input though, as far as what options should be available for deletion.

  1. Firstly, there is the standard "Delete this episode only" option which will be the first implemented.
  2. It is also possible to have an option to "Delete this episode and all child episodes."
  3. This could be made recursive:
    1. Deleting all episodes that exist under this episode.</ul>
    2. Deleting only those episodes that this user created.
      1. Stopping when it reaches an episode created by someone else.
      2. Orphaning any episodes created by someone else, and continuing down the tree to delete other episodes.

Comments? Any additional suggestions, or questions regarding these?

9/9/04 09:58 pm - talas

Welcome to LiveJournal's home for phpStory.

This project's creation is a marriage of PHP and a database server which creates a site for users, and the public, to create and explore a work of interactive fiction. It is designed to be highly configurable and easily edited, and will be released under an open source license when a more complete version has been finished.

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